The art of Fat Shaming

When you are out enjoying a day off, there is that one dress hanging out for display which makes your heart go crazy! You imagine yourself in it and feel ecstatic. But the scene in the trial room is a totally different ball game. The smile turns upside down-what you see in the mirror may be miles away from expectations.

A lot of people would have experienced this heartbreak. This is just a sugar-coated anecdote in the life of a fat person. The pressure one feels to shed that extra flab not because its unhealthy but because of the mockery they would face from the world.

The art of body-shaming is something the world has collectively taken a PhD on. To mock and make fun of a person who is out of the supposed set measurements. Well , who decides them ? But the bigger question is who are they to decide ?

The general misconception is that a person is fat because they live to eat and not eat to live. There are tonnes of people out there who eat healthy and still are fat ! It’s got a lot to do with the nature of their body, health issues , genes and so on.

There are people who turn from fat-to-fit ! A big thumbs up if you eat right and exercise well aiming to become healthy ! But starving yourself and hurting your body is nothing short of cruelty. Noted nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar emphasises this point over and over again. So instead of running to impress the world, just focus to remain healthy. Eat right and treat your body with respect and love.

I’m not restricting myself to fat-shaming. Being too thin is also frowned upon. The truth is people will never stop criticising. If you are confident and much importantly healthy, the place for such irrational criticisms is in the bin.

So for the people out there who face these harsh words , stride past them with your head held high-just like water off a duck’s back. For the people who enjoy body-shaming, its time to wake up and realise everybody is unique. We are not clones.

The driving force that made me venture out to write this blog is a post I came across in Instagram by Vidyuraman.

It said,

Expected Measurements : 32:22:32

Real Measurements : Confident : Fit : Beautiful


(Image courtsey : google )



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Aiswarya Menon

Aiswarya Menon

Once a clueless engineer, then a discovered writer, and now a chuffed marketer! Stumbled into the world of writing. Fell irrevocably in love with it. ✨